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Sociawood Nomination Form

Social Media Influencers please note that the Award Nomination / Participation  is free of cost with a unique objective  – “Unleash the power of Positive influence to create a better digital world”.

All Nano,  MicroMacro  and Mega  Influencers should directly nominate yourself on this form Award Nomination Form.

i.e., Nano Influencers (Less than 1000 Followers), Micro Influencers (1,000–1,00,000 Followers), Macro Influencers (100,000 – 1 Million Followers), Mega Influencers (1 Million+ Followers) 

All Corporates, Press, Volunteers, Tech Companies are requested to fill up the Participation Registration Form which will be shared later, in-order to receive the participation confirmation.

This summit will convene more than 2000 prominent social media influencers. It promises an array of enriching activities and features for attendees. It opens doors to valuable networking opportunities through its ‘Industry Connect‘ sessions, enabling participants to engage with like-minded individuals and industry expert

The Event Highlights: – (a) Influencer Awards. (b) Corporate Stalls. (c) Fireside Chats. (d) Inspiring Success Stories  by Select Influencers.  (d) Panel Discussions by Select Influencers (e) Q & A Session by Select Influencers. The summit is scheduled to be on 30th  May 2024 (Sunday – On Social Media Day).  

A few chosen fireside chats are: (a) Monetisation (b) Ethical Responsibilities of Influencers (c) Role of Influencers in Shaping Public Opinion (d) Understanding Algorithms (e) Online Expressions (f) Digital Media Ethics Code  (g) Consumer Forum Influencer Guidelines. (h) Fake News and Fact Checking 

For any queries related to Summit, you may reach us at: support@sociawood.or

SociaWood Award Nomination 2024
  • Prior to finalising your nomination, we kindly request that you familiarise yourself with End Now Foundation's data processing procedures regarding the personal information you furnish to us.
  • We will assess your nomination and, for evaluation purposes related to the absence of (a) Click Bait, (b) Fake News, (c) Hate Speech, (d) Obscenity (e) Promoting Fake Apps (i.e. Betting, Multi Level Marketing & Loan Apps)and (f) Content that threatens our nation's sovereignty on your social channels, we may share this information with our staff members and third-party evaluators (Jury).
  • Regrettably, due to the high volume of nominations, we may not be able to provide individual responses for each submission. 
  • If you have any concerns or suggestions concerning End Now Foundation's data management, please feel free to contact us at
  • By checking this box, I consent and agree to End Now Foundation processing my information as defined above.
  • Applying for Social Media Influencer Award is free of cost, and you are requested to visit the Judging process section for more details. Also note your channel should be Monetised.

Can I suggest someone I don’t know personally?
  • Yes, you can also suggest a Social Media Influencer or kindly send us an email to  or you may fill the form by selecting others option.

Speaking Opportunities?
  • Yes, you can register yourself or suggest a speaker who is already a reputed Social Media Influencer.

Awards Criteria?
  • Minimum of Two Lakhs Subscribers is the criteria for Award Nomination Category.

  • There is no minimum Subscriber Count required for Participation and is based on first come first serve basis and the right is reserved by Organisers.

  • The decision of the Awards by the Jury and  the Organisers will be final and non-contestable. 

Will multiple nominations or submissions increase my chances of being selected as a Social Media Influencer?
  • No.

Do you need to pay for applying this award?
  • No, it's free of cost.
Are you paid for the travel and stay?
  • No, participants and award winners have to bear their own cost towards travel and stay.
Is there a deadline for nominating for this Award?
  • Yes, you may apply before 31st May 2024

Event Duration?
  • One Day Summit - 30th  June 2024 (On Social Media Day) at T-Hub, Hyderabad.

Reach us at:


Reach us at: